Home Health Care In Austin

Why choose home health care from Standards Home Health?

At Standards Home Health, we make it personal. We are deeply committed to providing extraordinary, individualized home health services to each of our patients in the Austin, TX and surrounding areas.

We collaborate with physicians to establish and reach meaningful goals. Every one of our dedicated health care workers – skilled nurses, physical therapists, occupational and speech therapists, and social workers – believes that home is the best place to heal.

Our beliefs are backed up by the numbers. In a country where 20% of elderly patients return to the hospital within 30 days, our clients have a re-hospitalization rate of just 3.5%. Patients who receive their care from Standard Home Health stay home and get well.

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Whether a loved one is recovering from an illness, from injury, or after a surgical procedure, there really is no place like home. Familiar surroundings and personalized care help our clients to relax and focus on the important process of healing, while we focus on providing them with the utmost care and support.

No one should have to convalesce alone, or among strangers. Make your home, your family member’s home, or assisted living facility into a sanctuary of recovery and restoration with the help of an experienced staff of therapists and nurses providing patient-focused services through our comprehensive home health care agency.

Home Health Austin

Skilled Home Health Nursing

  • Arrange Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Oxygen
  • Supervision of Medications
  • Treatments and Injections
  • Restorative Home Care
  • Dressing Changes
  • Foley, Supra-pubic and Catheter Maintenance/Changes
  • Family/Patient Health Teaching and consulting
  • Care of the Terminally Ill / Hospice Care
  • Blood Draws and Lab Work
  • Multilingual Staff: English & Spanish
  • Specialized Nursing: Cardiac Rehab, Diabetes Management, Pain Management, Wound Care & Oncology

Austin Home Health Care

Other Home Health Care Services

  • Home Health Aide Services:  We provide a specific set of home health aide services; feel free to inquire anytime to learn more
  • Physical Therapy Services:  General neuro / ortho assessments, balance gait training, muscle strengthening, joint replacement rehabilitation, range-of-motion assessment / treatment
  • Occupational Therapy Services:  General upper extremity assessment, transfer training, therapeutic & home exercise programs, perceptual motor training, muscle re-education, fine motor coordination training
  • Speech Therapy Services:  Screening, assessment & interpretation, diagnosis, rehabilitation, and prevention of speech and language disorders
  • Social Work Services:  Rehabilitative casework to support and restore patients to their optimal level of social health & medical regimen adjustment


What Sets Our Home Health Care Apart

We understand that just because a patient needs help does not necessarily mean they want help. Our nurses are trained in the mental as well as physical aspects of day to day care. We help patients and caregivers identify problems and help them collaborate with their medical team to correct any arising issues. By including the patient as well as the caregiver in as many decisions as possible, we help prevent depression that is so common within the elderly community. There is no place like home, but home can often feel foreign once you add an Austin home health aide without a utilizing a strategic and thoughtful approach to care.

We use one point of contact, your Care Coach, who will oversee all aspects of your needs for the term of your home health care in Austin. This helps prevent miscommunication between nurses, doctors, caregivers and the patient themselves. By using one point of contact you will always know who to call when needed, rather than a string of voicemails from nurses who are no longer part of your team. These small changes help reduce both patient and caregiver stress levels and help to a relaxing environment.

We specialize in preventive education and high-risk patients. A 24/7 hotline provides access to coaches who have a wealth of knowledge to answer questions about symptom changes, medication reactions and other questions that often arise with the care of a loved one. With our hotline you will not need to wait for a doctor to call you back when you should go to the hospital, nor will you go to the hospital for a symptom that is not severe. With high-risk cases we ensure that the caregivers know what watch for to help prevent any accidents, and who to contact should an issue arise. All of this is part of our stress free philosophy. Knowing what to do and when will make any caregiver more confidant, and in turn reassure the patient that they are in good hands.

Inviting a stranger into your home can be a big step, we use a strict screening process to ensure only nurses of the best character, and highest education are admitted into our programs. This helps ensure that the common worries of home health care in Austin, usually that the nurses will steal, is alleviated. By being able to trust the person you allow into your home both patient and caregiver can focus on regaining their health, or at least remaining as comfortable as possible within their own home.